Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15


Here at Water Street Church of Christ we have close personal ties to many of the brethren in Ukraine. We love and support the church there on a regular basis. Due to the devastation from recent bombings, many of our Christian brothers and sisters are displaced and in need of additional support. Please pray for the church in Ukraine. If you would like to contribute to helping these families in need please click the button below and select “Ukraine Mission” in the Fund drop down menu.

Eastern Europe

Funding for EEM is provided by Christians worldwide to produce Bibles and biblical literature for Eastern Europe and Russia. EEM literature is produced in the languages of Eastern Europe and Russia for use in the nations of that geographic region of the world.


The Water Street Church of Christ has helped the Bogo Church of Christ in Bogo, Cebu, Philippines for approximately 5 years. We have helped finance their new church building and we sponsor a high school scholarship program for approximately 15 students. At times we provide benevolent funds as needed.

World Christian Broadcasting

World Christian Broadcasting exists so that people in places best served by broadcast media become aware of the Good News of Jesus Christ and want to know more.

World Christian Broadcasting is a non-profit organization supported by concerned Christians whose purpose is to take God’s Word – through mass media – to people who may have no other means of hearing the Good News.